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What is GLIST Oh My! Lash Serum?

The GLIST Oh My! Lash Serum is created to give you healthy, long, and luscious lashes. Formulated by clinical experts, it can visibly improve the way your lashes look in just a few uses. A swipe in the morning and another at night will yield results that you’ll see in an instant.

Pretty simple! Just a single swipe to wrap up your morning skincare routine and then repeat the same thing at night before you go to bed.

Ofcourse. Our potions are oil-free, so they won't damage theextensions. Always follow the correct instructions to enhance andstrengthen your own lashes.

Therehave been no dangerous ingredients in Glist that could affectpregnant or breast-feeding mothers, but it is advisable to contactyour doctor before using it.

The serum doesn’t interfere with your mascara. If you use multiple eye products daily, it’s important to frequently clean your skin and lashes to prevent clogged pores. For best results especially at night, we recommend that you remove all makeup and other products from your lashes before applying.

We recommend removing it when you apply the serum but you can also apply the serum while wearing your lenses! Our mild formulation won’t affect your contact lenses.

Since GLIST Oh My Lash Serum is a product used near your eye area, this eyelash serum is created with care to ensure your comfort and safety. Unlike other serums for the lashes, its consistency is just right: not too thick so the roots of each lash can absorb it faster and not too thin so it doesn’t easily drip onto your eyes.

If any small amount of the product gets into your eyes, lightly rinse your eyes with running water then seek professional help if needed. For more safety information, kindly check our PACKAGING USAGE INSTRUCTIONS too upon getting your serum.

Giving you long and luscious lashes without the guilt, we don’t subject our formulation to animal testing. We find better clinical tests to ensure the quality of GLIST that’s cruelty-free, with 100% no animal-derived ingredient used.

When not opened, the serum lasts for three (3) years from its manufacturing date. Once it is used, it’s good for use up to twelve (12) months. Depending on usage, a single bottle can last you up to six (6) months or more.

Before using the serum, do a 24-hour skin patch test, preferably at the back of your hand. Observe any reactions that may occur and if the skin doesn’t react badly then it means the serum works well with your skin type.

Our miracle eyelash serum is approved by the FDA. Here’s a list of ingredients that cannot be found in our product to ensure your safety anytime:

  • No artificial fragrance
  • No paraben
  • No solvents
  • No mineral oil or petrolatum
  • No talc
  • No urea
  • No hydroquinone
  • No triclosan
  • No phthalates or BPA
  • No sulfate-derived ingredients
  • No Calcium Disodium EDTA, Disodium EDTA, Tetrasodium EDTA, Trisodium EDTA

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