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GLIST Oh My! Lash Serum Set
GLIST Oh My! Lash Serum Set
GLIST Oh My! Lash Serum Set
GLIST Oh My! Lash Serum Set
GLIST Oh My! Lash Serum Set
GLIST Oh My! Lash Serum Set
GLIST Oh My! Lash Serum Set
GLIST Oh My! Lash Serum Set
GLIST Oh My! Lash Serum Set
GLIST Oh My! Lash Serum Set
GLIST Oh My! Lash Serum Set

GLIST Oh My! Lash Serum Set

220 reviews

Glist Oh! My Lash Serum is a growth-enhancing solution for your eyelashes. This potion, as we call it, works to improve the health of natural hair follicles. They are loaded with peptides and fatty acids to intensify and encourage lash production. When used daily, the lash serum extends the telogen (shedding) phase, prolonging the lash growth cycle. This is going to make lashes fuller and longer for an extended period of time.

Our magical lash serum strengthens and defends against damage while enhancing strength and brilliance. Know more about the benefits of Glist Oh! My Lash Serum here:

ALL-NATURAL INGREDIENTS: A unique fusion of highly proven innovations and natural ingredients come together to shield against weak lashes and enhance its strength for faster and more reliable lashes in the future. Regular use offers instant growth benefits. This adds to richer and more elegant lashes.

TWO FOR THE PRICE OF ONE: Nothing is more cost-efficient than getting two lash serums when buying one product. This lash serum comes with two potions, one to be used in the morning and one to be used in the evening. This definitely gives you more than what you’ve paid for.

Save money and resources due to prescription lash serums or even lash extensions. Glist Oh! My Lash Serum saves you $150.00 worth of money each month from extensive eyelash treatments. Give yourself the magical lashes that you deserve!


Growth Guaranteed, or we're going to return your money.

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Purified Water, Sodium Chloride, Benzalkonium Chloride, Citric Acid, Disodium Phosphate Cellulose Gum

longer, luscious, natural lashes in just 2 weeks

GLIST Oh My! Lash Serum is enhanced by 100 % natural ingredients to strengthen thick, luscious lashes that are 100% all yours!

Morning use

Stay bright and beautiful as you seize the day! A single swipe of the Oh My! Lash Day Serum lengthens and volumizes your hair follicle. Use it underneath your fave mascara or use it on its own - however you want to!

Night use

Give your lashes all the rest it deserves! One swipe of the Oh My! Lash Night Serum before you go to bed repairs, restores, and regenerates each hair follicle giving it 3x faster development for a fresher and brighter-looking glow the next morning.

Your Worries

Brittle or sparse eyelashes

Our Magic

Strong and powerful peptides with natural plant ingredients

The Pledge

Magically longer, enchantingly thicker, and marvelously healthier lashes


image-iconlet's get GROWING

Give your lashes that extra volume oomph in one swipe! Oh My! Lash Serum is formulated with lash-stimulating ingredients that boost your lashes' natural renewal cycle for thicker, bolder, and healthier lashes in no time!

image-iconget that GLOW

Oh My! Lash Serum’s lightweight formulation is absolutely moisturizing and will give your lashes a look that stays vibrant and powerful. Your lashes will stay hydrated because of its essential vitamin content, giving it the volume of your dreams!

image-iconGO in one swipe

Always be on the move and cut your everyday prep time by half with the help of this serum! This lash-stimulating serum is a one swipe wonder that will put a sparkle in your eyes!

a single swipe goes a long way

Each ingredient has been carefully selected to create the ideal condition for your lashes to develop. Not just that, but the moisturizers in GLIST Oh My! Lash Serum prevents the loss of the lashes.

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Here's the beginning of a magical miracle!

Our lash-stimulating peptide complex facilitates the normal cycle of regeneration of the lash, making your lashes magically longer, enchantingly thicker, and marvelously healthier.

7th day

Here’s where the magic starts to manifest! See a renewed look at your lashes on this day.

14th day

Don’t you back down now, Glist Baby because more changes are about to take place from now on!

21st day

Let the magic do its thing. Today, you’ll see how far you’ve come already with longer lashes!

30th day

Wink the new beauty you’ve achieved and see a noticeably longer, fuller, and healthier lashes from this day on!

4 simple steps


Rinse your face thoroughly to remove all traces of dirt and make-up.


Use the wand to make a swiping motion to coat the lashes.


Apply this to your lashes before going out in the day or when you go to bed at night.


Enable the potion to dry completely to achieve your routine. Repeat the steps every day and every night.

frequently asked questions


What is GLIST Oh My! Lash Serum?

The GLIST Oh My! Lash Serum is created to give you healthy, long, and luscious lashes. Formulated by clinical experts, it can visibly improve the way your lashes look in just a few uses. A swipe in the morning and another at night will yield results that you’ll see in an instant.

Pretty simple! Just a single swipe to wrap up your morning skincare routine and then repeat the same thing at night before you go to bed.

Giving you long and luscious lashes without the guilt, we don’t subject our formulation to animal testing. We find better clinical tests to ensure the quality of GLIST that’s cruelty-free, with 100% no animal-derived ingredient used.

Ofcourse. Our potions are oil-free, so they won't damage theextensions. Always follow the correct instructions to enhance andstrengthen your own lashes.

Therehave been no dangerous ingredients in Glist that could affectpregnant or breast-feeding mothers, but it is advisable to contactyour doctor before using it.


growth guarantee

At GLIST, we have absolute faith in our products. With that being said, we recognize that every individual is unique, and we want to take this into consideration.

This ensures our #GlistBaby that if you don't get results with our products, you're going to get your money back!

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hear the magical stories of our #glistbaby


220 reviews

Oh My! Lash Serum Set

220 reviews


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Customer Reviews

Based on 220 reviews

I love this product!! My lashes are finally getting longer!!

Speed of Results:
WOW! This serum is one of the best I've tried!

I have tried a lot of Lash Growth Serum's before but now I have tried this one-of-a-kind serum called Glist. This serum has given me the best lashes of my life. I am happy and contented. I will be buying more serums and give them to my friends. Thank you Glist Oh! My Lash Serum for the amazing results.

Glist review

My lashes are getting so long, I really love the product.

Speed of Results:
Must buy

I absolutely love this lash serum! I have pretty sensitive skin, and this did not bother my eye area. The results are amazing as well! I would absolutely recommend to everyone!

Speed of Results:
Customer service of this brand is amazing!

With this serum, I've had tremendous success. I saw the results about weeks 7-8. You've got to be patient. My lashes have developed a few millimeters and thickened out very noticeably. Glist has an excellent customer support and is able to answer any questions. I'm going to recommend it to friends and my colleagues!

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